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Lessons - seminar work

Learning is like rowing against the current, as soon as you stop you drift back!”


As a musician you remain a perpetual student. Here comes my contribution for your learning:

Learning to play the guitar in a private atmosphere, not in a quick fix, but based on personal interests and inclinations. The beginning is usually made quickly, in order to overcome obstacles or to get new inspiration, you usually need fresh input. I'm happy to help here. 


The subjects are acoustic and electric guitar in the varieties fingerstyle, strumming, picking, guitar in band situations, song accompaniment and improvisation. Stylistically, the field ranges from jazz, blues, a pinch of classic, folk, rock, pop, etc.

A lot is possible, from regular, weekly lessons (30 or 45 minutes) to occasional individual lessons. The first hour is generally free. Price on request.

Church singing, worship leading, band coaching


This offer is aimed at the special needs of communities. Pop music is not just moving into the church, it already has a permanent place there.


These seminars are aimed on the one hand at (classical) musicians who would like to continue their education in the field of jazz, rock and pop, but on the other hand also at full-time or voluntary youth workers who may already be in bands or music groups.


My personal focus lies in the instruction of worship music (I am happy to offer a basic seminar here), but hardly any other style is alien to me and the individual needs on site also decide here. Price on request.

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